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The art of puppetry has been around for many generations, and there are a lot of experts in the puppeteering industry that have shared their knowledge over the years. Books about puppetry hold a lot of knowledge for people who are interested in the industry. Here are a few notable titles about the art to get you started.

Shadow Puppets & Shadow Play by David Currell

Shadow Puppets and Shadow Play is a detailed guide about the manipulation, presentation, design, and construction of shadow puppets. The art of shadow puppetry is said to be one of the oldest arts in the tradition of puppetry theatrics. Find out how you can entertain your audience with a few tips from David Currell.

Making Puppets Come Alive by Carol Fijan and Larry Engler

Larry Engler has been working in the puppetry industry for many decades. Readers will find unique insights into the puppetry industry. Read about puppetry techniques that are illustrated and explained in detail. Larry also explains the art of constructing simple puppets and stages for production.

Jim Henson: The Works: The Art, the Magic, the Imagination by Christopher Finch

This book will enthrall puppet lovers from all over the world. Readers will find more than 500 colourful illustrations about the puppetry industry. This book discusses Henson’s expertise in puppetry over the last 4 decades in the industry.

The book also celebrates Henson’s creative genius, and it describes his most popular inventions, designs, and performances in puppetry.

The Complete Book of Puppetry by George Latshaw

George Latshaw is a master puppeteer, and he shares his knowledge and expertise with readers in this informative guide. Find out how he brings his puppets to life. He uses his years of experience to show readers how to get started. He gives aspiring puppeteers exercises and advice on performing before an audience.

Get these amazing books about the art of puppetry online or in a bookshop near you. Learn more about puppeteering from the experts.